Protagnoize Today: Oct. 16th

Hello, hello, here I come,

This poetic journal is rather fun,

But alas, oh my, I have plenty to say,

So I'll try not to be here for the entire day.


My, my, look at the fantastic writing!

With so many authors for the King to be Knighting,

And I do wish to mention a few,

I'll tell you of the stories you never knew.


Like "Paint Your Soul", a captivating piece,

Written with such grace, without a single crease,

And maybe you didn't know, but the writer behind that,

Is grinning rather similar to an invisible cat.


And lookee here, another splash of excellence,

An intriguing story about an ethereal fence,

What is beyond such a mysterious fence?

Well read 'Going Over' and it'll all make sense.


And here is a comic and clever tale,

The creative ideas keep coming, without fail,

Glaps is the name for you to discover,

A funny story that moves like none other.


And you know, I think I could mention some more,

But you've already got such an adventure in store,

For everywhere you look, the stories are near,

Remember--if they sweep you away, then mention them here!

The End

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