"Protagonize Today": October 14th


This is “Protagonize Today” with BFD

Today we discuss violence as you’ll soon see,

There’s poetry there’s a battle a carjacking to,

I’ll give you an outline leave the reading to you,


The first feature tonight is from Peter T D walker,

He’s more of a writer than he is a talker,

The story’s called “Saturday” it’s only just begun,

Already you will find broken bones and a gun,

I think you’ll find it pleasing to your eye,

I’m sure given time it will start to rate high,


Brokensouls “Prologue” is the first book of six,

In my amateur opinion it deserves a lot of ticks,

Demons and angels battle it out in an epic quest,

I’ll say no more, in fear of spoiling the rest,

If I was you I’d definitely have a look,

I know I can’t wait for the follow up book,


An interest has been taken in “The anthology of scandals”,

But this time by a poet not just some vandals,

Twizzle is her name and she’s terrible good,

She writes poetry in a style that I wish I could,

The vandal in question is me all by myself,

I thought I’d better mention it for the sake of my ratings health,


So that’s all for tonight, That’s all I have to say,

So goodbye from BFD, And “Protagonize Today”,

The End

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