"Protagonize Today"


Welcome to my paper, "Protagonize Today",

The news where you, can all have your say,

This paper's for everyone, so that we can all share,

If you’re thinking of spoiling it, then don't even dare.


The headlines, for us to enjoy tonight,

Are Protagonize, the internet’s best writing site,

The authors their effort, and their hard work too,

Followed by some stories, you should really read through,


The first I spotted, with my writer’s eye,

It’s about Lucas the boy, with the ability to fly,

It’s written by sick monkey, he puts on a good show,

Titled "The conundrum of life", it’s worth a good go,


Second is Ms Noble's, "Paddytum" the bear,

What a great story, for us all to share,

She writes with ease, style and grace,

And all of it quality, at a lightning pace,


Next on the agenda, is "The vampire" story,

Concocted by the mist, it isn't that gory,

But still a great tale, a great read all the same,

Once again the author, the mist is his name,


River talker has so many, too many to list,

But “Old man oak” is great, it shouldn't be missed,

I haven't read them all, but so far this is best,

I’ll be here all week, trying to read the rest,


The headlines tomorrow, before I have to go,

Contain Seldom, Dys, and the Fluffycrow

So that's it from me, at Protagonize Today,

If you have any comments, then don't hesitate to say,


The End

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