Delorfinde Mairim Telcontar

Delorfinde Mairim Telcontar,
The pseudonym of a child.
Who just last week, sadly
Met her end, in the wild. 

And now she's waiting for us,
Her arms a little green.
For it's with the hidden faeries
That Delorfinde can be seen.

I'm sure she's not in pain.
In fact, I think she's having fun.
But if you see her coming
I'd advise you just to run!

For you cannot trust those sidhe
Their tricks you cannot see.
And if you'd seen what I saw,
I think you'd believe me.

But now Del has gone to join them
I don't think she's died just yet.
We'll wait for her to tell us
Before we put her house to let.

And when she goes we're certain
That it's to a better place
Perhaps somewhere they'll tie her
Long, black dance shoe lace.

For 'tis said it's that that tripped her
So to the floor she did fall.
And we always said this dancing
Should not be the highest call.

But Del, she would not listen.
She was stubborn as a mule.
And now she's finally realised
That our life, it can be cruel. 

The End

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