Rodolfo Stiracci Coach

Rodolfo Stiracci Coach is

Now sleeping with the roaches

Word is, he had quite a story for all

Truth or fiction, this man had a ball


They say he once shot a man down

Whilst wearing a wig, a bra and a gown.

They say he drank vodka by the bottle and case

That he then won the Indy 500 race.


Word is he played guard for the Heat,

Became an all-star with shoes on wrong feet

Some tell the story of his life as a climber

Though I’ve heard his Louvre paintings are much sublimer


After he won the World Series of poker

He cured the world of cancer and became a chain-smoker

And when the lottery paid him his fortune

He helped 6000 rich kids who’d been recently orphaned


He won three Nobel Prizes as humanity’s protector

Then faked his own death on a 3-D projector

It’s rumored he married thirty-one brides

Then wrote a book called “True Love:The Guide.” 


Mr. Stiracci won three gold medals

Then had them bronzed and turned into a kettle

He bore three beautiful children and did work as a surgeon

Then transplanted his own….and died a virgin.


Now that he’s gone some say he’s still alive

That the legend of this man will forever survive

If it’s true there’s one thing we can surely tell

Rodolofo Stiracci Coach will be going to hell.





The End

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