Anna N. Fluffycrow

We threw ourselves at her feet

And begged her: "Please don't go!"

But she wasn't fond of listening

That Anna N. Fluffycrow


She could read and she could write

She could play the violin

She always beat me at Scrabble

But 'twas words that did her in


We all saw her last

On New Years' Eve night

She swore to stay up reading manga

Until fireworks said the time was right


But midnight the clock did toll

And still she did not come

We all thought that, with a book,

She just simply wasn't done


But little did we know

Reading was what she did

She'd done it all the previous nights

With a clothespin on each eyelid


Her body, tired and useless,

And her mind, happy as a clam

But it seemed the former was rather important

And her brain, oh, it did jam


So we woke up New Years' morning

To find her slumped-over corpse

Our eyes are wet from grieving

And our voices rather hoarse


But perhaps we should not regret

That Anna has bid us good-bye

For we're sure she must be happy

In that bookstore in the sky.




The End

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