Sharon Louise Joana Moonwalker

Sharon Louise Moonwalker
Passed on yesterday
Where she passed on to,
Is rather hard to say

She never liked the winter much,
She preferred the heat
So she's probably in Hades now,
Thinking it's a treat

She never backed down from anyone,
So the devil better beware
He'll either be bowing at her feet,
or pulling out his hair

Sharon was fit and healthy                                 
Just two weeks ago
She was para sailing in Hawaii
When the rope let go

Her parachute held up
for a good twenty miles
The shark she landed on
Greeted her with smiles

She dropped the parachute on him,
Kept his gleaming teeth out of reach
She trussed him up and harnessed him,
And rode him to the beach

She made it home two days ago
With quite a tale to tell
She was reenacting her adventure,
When she slipped and fell

She slid down a flight of stairs,
And landed on her head
An ambulance was called,
But she was already dead

So drink a toast to Sharon
And don't be sad she's gone
No matter what she did in life
She always had fun

The End

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