Dear Miss Dayla

Dear miss Dayla sadly,

Has passed quite young today,

She wrote some pretty stories,

And let her imagination run astray.


The day that she was born,

Was quite the sight to bare,

Her mother was quite torn,

And barely could wait there.

The doctors rushed around her,

Until they finally,

Worked their magic together,

To save her happily.


She began her pretty tellings,

At the ripe young age of ten,

She talked of trivial spellings,

And her stories began then.


Her dream was quite simple,

And I mean simple as can be.

She wanted to write for hours with a dimple on her cheek.


But sadly, dear miss Dayla, so young of age,

Was taken from us today,

So please announce it to the world,

That dear miss Dayla has passed away.




The End

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