Prophet of The Odd

I wrote this not knowing what to write. I don't know how to describe it, but I'll let you, dear reader.

Do you

Can you

See me?

The poet in the corner of your eye

Every waking hour I feel your gaze

Yet you see only the external oddity of my smile


Sometimes I wonder why I write these lines

When nothing comes from my artistry

Stole lines from known wordsmiths

Only to find I had similar talent


Lost a love at five

Thought I found her

Only found an insecure girl, lost in her fantasy

I still see her, floating above me with a smile

My heart cannot handle that

I wish I could take your place, but I’m here in this shell


I’m the proclaimed Prophet of The Odd

Lost in the memories of my past

Every love I’ve ever had a lie


Over the hills under the sea we find my mind

A decision I found a way to live with!


Dead flowers for my loves they seemed so beautiful

Dracula’s children behind masks

I’m sorry; I can’t date bullies, even if I seem like one


I see the beautiful humanity before me

Hear the Lord yet barely ever

Friend’s mother tells me she hears him every time


Forget Religion and embrace individuality in your faith

I suppose life sometimes never follows plans

Designing a universe is so simple

Add friends, lose enemies, don’t let them influence you


I’ll write my own story thank you

The pages written by two hands

But not the one who commands me because it helps her


Mother always said “My son, don’t marry anyone weird, go enjoy life but be smart about it.”

Father can’t get three words in a sentence to speak, beyond “How you doing”

Lost to his mind too

Still a child, whining about the smallest things

So I’m scared to bring a love to him

Viper to tear us apart.


Never talk to him you see

Because I’m scared I will be the old me

So I continue to avoid him, out of fear I’ll say the truth


How can we let our eyes close to the hatred of others

I care not for my life but for yours

So hatred is shown to me

Open your eyes

We aren’t robotic drones

We beat with common organs

We think we’ve captured time

So time makes us hostages to others mercies

You think I’m weak at heart

But you only fool yourself

Everything in balance tells us there’s more to life than money, happiness, goals and ambitions


The primal forces are at hand

A beating heart when we as humanity hold hands

Prophet of the odd indeed

New blood flows in these veins

Humanity touches me in so many ways but most are blind

Do you

Can you see me now?

The End

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