A short, simple poem I've made about political corruption and also one of my favourite books!

50 words a day can only say,

That the world's been broken since yesterday.

When the flapping papers of the governs plead,

Cripple in my blood, I beg on my knees.

My dirty hands filled with black money, but still,

Immerse the words of evil in the shrill,

Echoes of the guy with the moustache yearn,

Big Brother's watching, who will learn.

They will not destroy the world,

Incorporate the masses to make a new burl,

The ocean's mark make another destroy,

Eurasia's going down to the abyss below.

Down the hole I go, not existence is nigh,

Make my love a balloon, let's go sky high.

But I don't know your name, so it's only a chore.

What's the point when it's against the law!

War is peace - freedom is slavery - ignorance is strength!

The End

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