the agony of existence

I pinch myself to understand that I occupy space in this world.

I look into the mirror

And take a hard look

I exist.

I am.

I have my shadow tugging at my feet trying to take me forward.

My heart pumps out blood and I get Goosebumps when I am scared

But I feel like I am floating

And no one can really see me

That If I just duck, I can see the darkness beneath this world

And all the gooey dingy corners of the emptiness are just waiting to embrace me

Where then do I belong?

In the emptiness that exceeds and supersedes life

Or the world where every day is a fight I get tired of?

My body aches and my subconscious cries in agony

I look towards the wall and my shadow is still tugging

With all the will I could muster, I take a step

It’s still the same,

But I think I have a promise of tomorrow.

The End

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