Promise me

this is a love poem i wrote

Promise me


You make me the happiest person alive,

Because with you in my life I know I can always survive.

I’ve never felt this way before, not for anyone but you,

This is why I’m so sure that our love is true.


Your smile makes my heart race fast,

All that matters to me now is the future not the past.

Your love for me makes my world fill with smiles,

Just to hug you I would run a thousand miles.


When we touch I get the feeling of true love,

This is no mistake, this is destiny sent from above.

The way you hold me in your arms is like floating on cloud nine,

Promise me that forever you will always be mine.


Without your love, my world would be gone,

And my love filled heart would be torn.

Into a million tiny pieces I would crumble,

Never would I speak just your name I would mumble.


Writing these words is making me cry,

So please promise you’ll never say goodbye.

The End

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