Going to prom? Didn't think so. She doesn't understand his lack of money, and therefore learns a lesson in life when she works hard, only to be let down, for once.

"Why aren't you goin?"
I've decided to stay,
but I can't tell her.
"Things aren't the same."

Maranda can't understand,
"Here's a nice tux shop."
It's only three days away,
and I can't fit in the words.

"Oh, they can't fit what I need,
in such short time for me."
Grimace and short change-
changes the look on her face.

"The shop has so many,
and they do pre-fit."
And what she won't grasp-
my decision has split.

"My parents are divorced,
and cause a lot of problems."
Words haven't hit brick walls
harder than her head.

"I don't get it, hun.
I worked so hard, man,
and now you tell me no."
Maybe now she'll understand.

The End

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