Prologue to Nothing

So he feels his face burning,
by the light of this newborn heaven.
One bullet, fired into the air,
now landing on the fields of men.
Like those unmasked endless lies,
The faces of ogres do break in pieces.

A common truth for all,
To the lost and betrayed nomad,
Falling deep down darkness,
Once again.

Unconsciousness, his ally.
A final sigh, and he lays to rest.
Believing that he won't open those eyes no more,
Maybe in a dream his peace eternal could be.

But all dreams end...
As water and oil,
Nobody sleeps and breathes forever.
At the end, there's a new teardrop to break in.

Comfort yourselves,
Take advantage of the given grace,
And do marvel at the misfortune of this bastard.

I will spit his misadventures on your faces.

The End

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