Progressions of Time

This here is a collaboration of thoughts that Chachi (chachachatothechi) and i came up with. She didn't want me to post her stuff, saying that i should just tell it like it was my own, but i just can't do that, what she writes is better then what i'll ever come up with, she'll deny, but her ideas will go further then my stories ever will. i guess i should post our thoughts before you readers get impatient.

"My mind is blank, a powder-less bullet cocked in the body of a gun, fire all you want, for no effect will come."

Chachi wanted to change it her way.

"An empty gun will fire far."

then i wrote,

"A loaded gun may do damage,

but an empty gun will fire far,

looking, searching, for it's bullets, so it may to, someday, be a loaded gun."

she responded,

"An empty gun, will fire far.

One bird will fall out of the sky"

I wrote,

"To me, eyes are marbles of sand. Sand in an hourglass, watching events of the world, as time rolls down, spiraling down, into the gullet of tomorrow. We can only hope someday, freedom from the hourglass, so that we don’t have to suffer through another cruel, painful spiral down into that gullet…"

Hopefully you like what we wrote, i thought it was good enough to share.

The End

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