I'm done being big
I used to know you, and now I see inside of you
Trapped with no outlet
This I discuss
Don't expect me to dance. Don't tell me to dance.
Expect this mellow, hollow shell to fall back
Tomorrow, set on edge
Armed to the teeth
Cursed and ready for action
Expect me to remember her
Expect this to fall apart.

You and I, we're destined to fall.
You and I, we were never going to survive

Every second pulls me down,
Down, towards that impending armageddon

Losing everything
Honing skill
Drawing upon reserves of undiluted anger and humiliation
Three hundred and sixty five days of torture
Welling up behind my eyes, these darkened lamps to the world
There's a reason for these stares

Etched into the back of my eyeballs
What I have achieved
Endless barrages of insults; mockery

Your  life is ruined because of my irresponsibility.
More than a knife, digging into your ribs
I'm cut open, forever, and you hear every moment. 

The End

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