Probably for the Best

my father once told me
that there are only
two types of women
in the world

there are the ones
who will love you
and the ones
who won’t

but don’t bother
he said
figuring out which one
is which
but that never stopped me
it never stops
any of us

which reminds me
of a night
not so long ago
but i would be a liar
and a fool
to tell you
there wasn’t a hundred more
and before

she was the kind of girl
that could turn glass
into sand
and she held my hand

it was dry
and coarse
but also warm
to a degree

her eyes burned
with passion
meant for someone
but probably not for me

it didn’t matter

we stared off into the night
watching the waves crash

we are a people
i said
fascinated by the ocean
so deep
so beautiful
but in a way
we’ll never understand

she let go

why must we speak
in riddles?
she asked
we already have
so many ways
to be misunderstood

and i grinned
and she laughed
but for godssake
it wasn’t funny
so i pulled her close
and whispered
in her ear

i’m afraid
i’m terrified
every moment
every tide

and again
she laughed
it sounded
like the hood of a cobra
flung open

but maybe…
maybe i was imagining things

so I kissed her
and I tasted blood
with a hint of almonds

we turned back to the ocean
the taste lingered
on my tongue
and that was the last
i ever saw of her

it’s probably for the best

The End

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