Dedicated to a friend who loves pringles.

Pringles are amazing, pringles are great,

they're the Midnight Beast of pringles,

I think when I picked up a tube of pringles,

it was totally meant to be fate.

I looked up to the heavens and I said,

'Oh pringles, why are you so delicious?'

And then I looked down at my pringles and then I realised,


I cried myself to the corner shop,

and I asked thee for some more pringles,

and he stared at me and said they had run out of pringles,

I had bought the very last one.

I cried into my pillow that night,

wishing with all my might,

that one last beautiful pringle would find it's way,

it would come to me and I could see,

an oh so beautiful pringle.

Morning came and still my pringles were gone,

I had mostly given up by then,

oh beautiful pringle, you were my life.

Why must you leave me when I needed you?

And then I had an idea, it was so simple,

I went online and I ordered some more pringles.

And when at last my beautiful life came again,

I asked thee to marry me.

And now me and my pringles are married,

living an oh so happy pringle life,

oh beautiful pringles, you are my life.

The End

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