Prince Phillipe

I was looking for someone to describe for this assigemant- and suddenly I saw him.
Our combat (or battle) fish - Phillipe - who never shares his aquarium with others..
His nature is to be alone, otherwise he fights his partner.. and one of them evantually dies.

Day after day

For almost a year

You welcome us,

with a glance --

and an honorable cheer.

All alone,

on your isolated kingdom

from the day you were born,

with no real option for freedom.

We watch you restless,

Or perhaps complete -

Circling the only partner you are able to stand,

One fake plant

that even you already know is a cheat

Everyone who examines you closely,

discovers a great amount of beauty –

Bourdeaux with touches of blue

Such an exciting and irregular view.

Satisfied with so little,

 gives us so many

Philippe – our royal fish –

The one and ONLY.

The End

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