Prince of Liars and Lunatics

Lear, knotted up in his wildflowers and 
Stumbling through the mist and madness,
Stumbling past the beggars and lunatics,
We are the same,
I am tried in a court of blind men 
and pretenders,
Prince of liars,
You've tried to extinguish my eyes 
And feed me to the empty tigers.
Across this shivering sea of self-doubt,
I will reign in triumph and defiance,
Tear down ever illusion of shining black cliffs,
I've lingered on the edge, jostled by the 
Sparkling stars, the constellations of Virgo 
And of insanity,
Brushed by the gulls,
All pearl-grey and 
Beating like angels
Singed by a sickly moon.
The heavenly sparkle in the sky 
And I care not for the chaos in the kingdom,
I'd linger 
On the edge for a million years 
Just to feel like this 
For a single, glistening 

The End

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