Pride and Prejudice

She was that terror in high-heels
the lesser members would run scared
the woman who never smiled or partied
for each day at work 'twas war declared

Her family had never given her any credit
on her brothers were all hopes attached
Ironically she went on to bigger things
to her brothers, any man ,she was no match

With a ruthlessness of a serial killer
all hurdles she did eliminate
only pausing to relish her victories
her only emotion; to love to hate

At one thanksgiving she came to gloat
and mocked the men in her family
she hinted at their only big achievement
was just the stink of masculinity

Her father bore all that silently
but his eyes betrayed the shame
He quietly complimented her successes
he was proud she carried the family name

Her mother led her to her old room
carefully arranged were mementos over the years
Her father had collected all her achievements
the discovery soon brought her to tears

"Why did he never say anything?" she cried
"In his eyes, you were just a little girl"
"Its true he expected more from your siblings"
"But you , he wanted to protect from the world"

"Its you he always talks about, my dear"
"And the many things that you have done"
"We're sorry that we made you feel that way"
"He loved you more than all our sons"

She came away fighting her tears
the price she paid for her pride
had spent the years fighting a battle
while the enemy had hidden inside

The End

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