pretty young thang

well hello beautiful!

never seen a sight as fair as yours

perfect in every way

lotus flower on calm waters

sunset on a summers day

shine in you smile

sparkle in your eye that makes you have the power

smelling of elegants in  any situation

favorite color is bleu

but any color complements every ounce of you body

or nothing at all i prefer ......<3

words cant explain a rare clover as you

if you be with me

i can show you how lucky you can be!

a desire of men , thoughts and dreams of mines

anything you want i would provide

nothing in this world could change how  feel

 no competition! noone compares!

the sway of your hips commanding me to halt and cater to your every need

really wanting to yell

how much i want to feel your lips on  mines

a secret ill never tell!

everything i could ever want of all time

love this shawty of mines




The End

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