Pretty Princess

Insecure girls, everywhere. This was to an insecure friend. Though this poem was specified to fit the descriptions of a special someone, the meaning behind it goes for any insecure person. Never forget that you are beautiful, that you are PERFECT.

You have no one to try to impress,
Because, have you forgotten, you're a princess?
It's extraordinary,
How you manage to carry,
Yourself as if you were nothing.
Don't tell me that you're nothing,
Because that's quite disgusting,
'Cause I see you spending your time stuffing,
A wounded heart back into your chest.
Give it a rest.
You can't use bandaids to fix a broken heart,
You can only use confidence.
The prominence,
Of your beauty, intertwined,
With a lovely mind,
Should understand this concept.
You shouldn't be in this dilemma,
This situation,
This scenario,
This isn't yours.
You must cut through,
The veil of darkness,
That has delved deep into you,
And review,
Your amazing traits.
She can relate,
She chooses her own fate,
She ice skates,
And doesn't hate.
She is nothing short of amazing.
"And if you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself,
Get a better mirror,
Look a little closer,
Stare a little longer,
Because there’s something inside you that made you keep trying,
Despite everyone who told you to quit."
Be who you want to be,
Whatever makes you happy,
Believe me, depression isn't easy,
So do what makes you feel free.
You are a rose that has been struggling through the year-round winter,
Please, rid of your splinters.
You are a cacti,
To remove those thorns.
You're better than that.
And sure you've been through some shi*,
And you've had to take a hit,
Or two, or three,
But don't flee.
Screw society.
No one can be as perfect as they wish to be,
And in reality,
You're pretty freaking close to perfection.
You're a princess.
Nothing less.
And you constantly drop your head,
Letting your crown fall,
But cut the crap and stand tall.
Feeling small?
Doesn't matter at all,
Because you're not.
You're like the sun,
Only not as bright,
And that's by choice.
Choose to speak with a voice,
Filled with courage.
Love yourself,
Not because it's a chore,
But because you're worth more than what you think.
I'm on the brink,
Of crying,
When I hear you lying,
About yourself,
About what you are.
It tears me apart,
Leaving scars.
You're a star,
So far off in the distance,
I often wonder why.
Why so distant?
I suppose,
It's not the clothes,
Or the perfect nose,
Or the face that's beauty competes with that of a rose,
So what is it then?
Don't go down just because you can.
You're not the titanic, so you can't just sink,
You're beautiful.
You're a princess,
And you have no one to impress.
Just give the best that YOU can.

The End

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