Pretty Little Girls Like You

now i remember why i hate my rhyming poems

Smile, don't speak if your voice will rasp,
Eat as though you're dining with the queen

Fake a curtsy, stay a while
Don't complain or falter your smile 

This isn't an optional activity,
Abandon your proclivity

Remember to hug and brush a kiss
And aim well, you must never miss

Keep your mask always in place
Adorn yourself in pearls and lace

Sink yourself, no bad things to be found,
Ignore it when your conscience will pound

Stand still until the night's end
To the guests you must tend 

As you balance on high heels,
Be polite until she keels

Flatten your stomach and suck in your breath,
Tighten the muscles, just as in death

Let your dress brush around your knees,
Treat ever person lower like they have fleas,

Allow the neckline to slip
If only to get a bigger tip

Go on a diet, slim those thighs,
Instead of food, feed yourself lies

Paint your nails a neutral pink 
Never stain your skin with ink

Purse your lips, covered in dark red
Don't wash it off even when you fall into bed

Lastly, sigh when it's over
And prepare for the next masquerade 

The End

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