Pretend LoveMature

Two years ago, I realized that  hands can devour your soul.

cold fingers on feverish skin,

lust burns brighter than a candle in a blacked out room,

I learned that minds aren't the only things that remember,

and words aren't the only thing you'd want to forget.

He took my innocence piece by piece in the back of a school bus,

it started with a hug, and evolved into so much more than that.

I was your dirty little secret, the one that filled you with every emotion besides regret,

Mine was the scent wafting from your bed,

Two years ago I learned the games you loved to play,

and I discovered little kids aren't the only one who play pretend-

pretend love for me and mine, 

while you held her hand on the center stage, holding my hand through the curtained dark.

never talk about anything that matters,

at the mercy of your whims,I was always breathless.

Two years ago, I learned that the devil wasn't the only one bidding on my soul.

your hands grip places that even the sun is too afraid to venture,

and your teeth scraping my neck inhaling my very essence,

two years ago, i discovered that hands can devour your soul without you ever knowing.

this past July, I learned how hard it is to deny an addiction

The End

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