Pressing the Button of Self DestructionMature

When your world collapses and your ruining yourself. When one day merges into the next and you simply cannot see the woods from the trees.

In the words of Rihanna;
'Its like your screaming,
But no one can hear,
No one will ever know how much it hurts.
You almost feel ashamed.
That someone can feel that important,
That without them you feel like nothing.'

Liquor fills me to the dephs of despair,
Reaching for oblivion,
And yet getting nowhere.
Toxic chemicals are inhaled by the lungfull,
Yet nothing can spread to the numbness from within,
The gravity in this world is wearing thin.
Your lips,
His lips,
It doesn't matter,
I'm slipping through the cracks,
All morals,
I don't know what, who, how I am supposed to be,
What am I to do when change comes and knocks for me.
I continuously run,
For the easy options.
But when that path fades,
It will be at the price of my own corruption.

The End

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