pills were problems

you religiously took

every day with a glass of water, 

plastically bottled and prescribed

promising to make life better in time,

when instead you are injecting liquid melancholy into your veins

until all that remains

is the grey shade of your personality, 

colors diluted into normality

for where there is sunshine, there also are shadows

yet when the skies are overcast,

all is the same.


But I miss your crazy like crazy,

seeing you empty makes me insane

being vibrant should not be an illness,

when it is a choice, not a disadvantage.


We are told not to discriminate,

and rightly so,

people would protest 

if those with different skin tones

had to paint themselves until we all looked the same,

so why are you forced to take

medication that erases your soul

just because others can't control

your screams and your tears

when all you need is someone to hold your hand

and soothe your fears.

They don't understand that though pills stop you from crying

they prevent you from smiling 


but I do.



problems were pills

and once the container was empty

you'd be cured forever.

I'd drink them all down without a second thought

if it would mean you'd be free

to laugh and love and run wildly,


I'd overdose twice.


You know I'm here for you always,

I'll never leave your side,

so please put the bottle down

and come back

come back to me.

Because I don't mind if you are mad

that makes two,

I am madly in love with you.

The End

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