Things that grow and change around me
Without my consent
The things that make me grow as a tree
On the outside
Some things just need space
Some people can do about face
Yet I grow frightened at what lies ahead

When life passes us by, moments as memories through childhoods eyes,
When the youthful passions that gaily gave us imagination slowly dies,
When traversing through thoughts of how it used to be is no longer enough,
When words become nothing more then effortless bluffs,
When the words can no longer describe my sentiments about life
I find myself seeking wisdom from street corners paradise
I know that what I will find isn't what is needed to describe the race I feel, its the chase, the chase that carries the taste

Moments of longing in the Park
Mindlessly dancing in the Dark

Some feelings may be best with feeling the best, life is not simple, so this we can put to rest
Simplistic plans and painful execution

Why do I run when I know I will be caught?
Does my own capricious emotional stake end as gravely as autumn leaves yet to see the rake?
Shoot across the sky
The meteor flies
Time passes by
Without even saying goodbye
all I can do is cry
Yet I know every beginning eventually has to die

Moments of longing in the Park
Mindlessly dancing in the Dark

Weird nostalgia of hot flashes of terrible and not so terrible memories brings me far back to the days of less worry and more beautifully lethargic existences
What I wouldn't give to make it last
Now I sit beside myself in simple reflection
knowing that some thoughts can be best described as an infection
Peoples opinions often end in rejection
somehow my mood always ends in dejection

Moments of longing in the Park
Mindlessly dancing in the Dark

Wishing a moment of monument can be left untouched in time, frozen for only I
Time shows no such efforts in the stories I confide
If I could stay indefinitely now in the now
Then all I could ask is for you to show me how

Is it true this is the Best time of my life?
Is adulthood a path that leads nothing more then strife?

What I wouldn't give to you
I await with my soul
Without you it becomes painstakingly impossible to become whole
It is the world we stole
Our objectivity, insipid emotions, they have taken there toll
Soon mutual feelings can become null
Romantic gestures no longer cajole
It has become apparent our thoughts have lost all self-control

Moments of longing in the Park
Mindlessly dancing in the Dark

Tattered and worn my idealism lay battered and broke, the night sky has lost its golden luster
and when the time comes that your words become all you can muster
And they roll off your tongue convoluted by bluster
Know this
emotions will become the past
Everyone is born again much too fast
life must always continue
You must continue
start a new life

The End

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