Premature Infatuation


Only known you for an hour
but you will marry me?
Don't need sense if I have heart
come on, won't you marry me?
I can do better but I can't do much worse
but there is no one else
I may be young but I'm not foolish
I know there's no one else

Let's tie the knot tomorrow
so there is no doubt
Forget about the rest of my life
because I can do without
a job, a future, any prospects
'Cause I'm already on benefits!

Don't need a church if we have Facebook
will you marry me?
Can't spend money, I want to get drunk
come on, won't you marry me?
They are laughing with us, I swear
all that matters is the here and now
You went off with him last week
but I have you here and now 

The End

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