Don't you dare leave me,
because there's no way I'd survive.

Words cannot describe how much I want to hold you;
I need you so much it hurts.
I need you like meat needs salt,
I'm not complete without you,
You're my other half.
"There is no greater love than this, when a man gives his life for another,"
Darling, I would catch a grenade for you.

Before you I would not even have thought of writing a poem,
Now just look where I've gotten.
I'm still no poet, but this is only the beginning,
So let's get this party started.

This pain in my chest is new, I've known and lost before,
but I've never felt the way I do for you.
An iron band around me chest closes; tighter and tighter it pulls.
I need to see you, I need to hold you...but how?

Not a single hour passes by where the need is forgotten,
always it is there, the only meds I have are our chats.
Never long enough to satisfy, yet just enough to keep up and running.
Always, too soon, I hear my father call to tell me, "time is up."
I'm forced to wait a day, or more, till next I gain relief.

You take me as I am,
my flaws, to you, are strengths.
I just want you to know,
Tis you alone I love.

The End

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