POV poem

PREACH! PREACH! tell them how you feel

believe in yourself and voice your ideals

but respect my opinion

your ideas affect my mood

don't expect me to listen

when what you process is crude

if it doesn't gel with my interests

you can expect me to be rude

if there's a point that I'm missin'

its not a point that you can prove

you're choosily choosing to choose choices chance the consequence's

if you think you can beat the odds go and read the bottom sentence then.

you're trying to make sense out of what doesn't make sense

the only thing ignorance defeats is the purpose of intelligence

everyone subconsciously believes they're heaven sent

I believe we wield the swords of Satan's sentry-men

seems obvious to me, its not obviously, they're laughin' at me

my cynical mind is detrimental to my sanity

you can not overcome what is meant to be.

The End

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