Prayers to the Ghost

These days are colourless and sombre
inside I finally lost the will to love
I have no photographs, only a memory
All her life is collected in this newspaper clipping

Can’t open my eyes to the decaying morning
I was cruelly torn from the bliss of dreaming
I can’t stand the numb serenity of the pills I swallow
Born to glimpse an angel then left to feel so hollow
I can’t take this anymore

It was just an unfortunate circumstance
the careless manoeuvre of a faceless no one
evoked the dead lights that stole her from us
stole her from me...

Can’t open my eyes because of the constant pain
when she was taken, the skies opened to endless rain
Our friendship was brief and it could have been so much more
she was the only woman I could ever truly love and adore

I will see her in Heaven

The End

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