Prayer of a Skinny African American Female

Lord, I thank you for my bony toes,

For they carry me far, carrying heavy loads.

Thank you for my skinny legs,

For they help me jump, kick and walk with the needy who beg.

Thank you for my knobby knees,

For they help me to become healthy, while running or climbing trees.

Thank you for my little breasts,

For they will one day feed my children, where they will nourish and rest.

Thank you for my bony back,

For it lifts my beautiful head and does not allow me to slack.

Thank you for my thick lips,

For a man will kiss them before they reach my hips.

Thank you for my weary eyes,

For they help me to see the devil in disguise.

Thank you for my kinky hair,

For it is thin and long to make my face look fair.

Thank you for my intelligent mind,

For I know that I am the only one of a kind.

The End

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