Prayer of a Scared Child

I'm blessed to live with both my parents who have been married for over 25 years now; however, they've been fighting a lot lately, and I feel like our family of three has been broken. Only God can fix us now.

Mommy and Daddy are fighting
Words are now weapons of scorn
One makes a stab, the other deflects
In the end
Our family is torn

God, please stop them
Give them peace
I pray at the top of my voice
Cool their tempers
Hurry, quick!
Help them choose Your choice

The light of my spirit is fading dim
I'm hurt
And so are they
We need your Healing Presence
Teach us to obey

If we had only followed You
And listened
To your call
We would not have ended up right here
We would not have made
That Fall

But now we're here
In the raging sea
Struggling for air
We need Your wisdom
Don't leave us in despair

Here is my plea
In Jesus' name
Make my wish come true
For there is no one
That I know
More capable than You

Papa God
You are our savior
Fearless, Strong, and Pure
You hold us lovingly
In Your arms
You are our sickness' cure

The End

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