Prayer For A Loser, Mantra For The WeakMature

I want to be cool

I want to be admired

I want not to care about anyone

I want everyone to care about me

I want to get wasted

I want to go wild

So fed up of being meek and mild

I want to be rebellious and not give a shit


I want all the boys to look at me

I want all the girls to want to be my friend

I want to look in the mirror and like what I see


I want to paint the town red

I want to raise hell

I want to break down barriers

I want to burn down houses

I want to be untouchable




I don't want to care

I don't want to be scared

I don't want to wish

I don't want to dream


I want pure animalistic instincts

Strip me down to raw flesh and bone


I want to conquer

I want to kill

I want to stifle this human madness which surely smothers the whole species

I want to be drunk on power

High on desire



I want to be batshit insane

Normality for this entire fucked up race

The End

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