Pray for Me

Staring into that dreaded reflection of mine,
I cannot ignore the mirror’s truth.
There’s no hiding what I have become.

My world has come crashing down.
The walls I’ve built around me have collapsed
Leaving behind nothing but a mess.

And like those walls,
I, too, have fallen,
Buried beneath the rubble, crushed by the weight
Of my fears and insecurities.

My seemingly impenetrable walls,
Built by doubt, fear, and self-loathing,
I turned into my armor,
But to my dismay
Became my weapon of self destruction.

The mess They left behind,
Reluctantly wakes up every morning
Feeling as dispassionate as a corpse.

All those around me seem so blind;
They can’t see through my paper-thin façade.
But that, along with my last shred of sanity,
Will dissipate.

And when it does,
There is only one thing I ask of you:
…pray for me.

The End

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