I often despise being subjected to teaching,
far more preferring to shed my own wisdom
upon all those who could learn a lot from me
(which includes, in fact, basically everyone).
Save me from these endless hours of pretending
that I am interested in the instruction of those
who hold positions of spiritual authority.

I…I suppose I am not as all-knowing
as I had once believed myself to be. while I
still certainly think I am a resource of virtually
endless knowledge, I can accept the reality
that I can learn a bit from those who have
experienced more than me. But acting as though
I am greatly inferior would be useless.

Ay, ay, ay–perhaps I am an ignorant fool.
o depraved creature that I am! who will redeem
me from this mind, this body, this wicked
soul of unknowing? I have scoffed at the One
Whose greatest desire is to open my mind
to all He can show me–for Love of my own soul,
He has bade me to come, follow, learn from Him.

I’ve come to know You, God, but not fully enough.
I have come to realize that You have much
to teach me–of Love, of compassion, of how
to express just how frail my own mind has
turned out to be. Teach me to move when You
move, to blink when You blink, to sync my
own heart to the heartbeat of the One I follow.

The End

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