OK, so i went to this creative writing group and we had to wright a poem based on the theme hunger and the right to food. this is what i wrote.

She looks at me,  

 Eyes blank,

   Stomach bloated, 

I look at her,  

With worried thoughts,  

 I ask for something more,

My brothers scream,

  My sisters silent,  

We die off one by one,

You bring your cameras,  

  You film our towns,  

  And yet here we still are,

     They try to help,    

Families like us,

    But to no success,

You look at us,  

Through your TV screen,

  And eat what we cannot,

I look at them,  

  At how they live,  

  The luxuries we cannot afford,

They smile at me,

     Pity on their face,

    But they don’t truly understand,

My tongue hurts,

    Dry and rough,  

 Thirst for water,

We don’t have enough! 

The End

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