Fixed in this position,
Cemented to the ground.
Forced with no ambition,
To do without a sound.

A task set in stone,
Yet no voice I bestow.
How am I supposed to say,
You all bore me each and every day. 

Ignored and so ashamed,
With no limbs to retaliate.
No rest and no play,
Please rewrite my fate.

How can I expect you,
To say sorry and start anew.
When I was born without a tongue,
And I cannot stand up and run.

How easy it is to take advantage,
I'm a stoned and tired grey wreckage.
My body hurts and you're the sinner,
I lay here under the bodies and the flicker.

If you gave me a mouth to speak,
I would tell all of you this.
I'm sick of your outlook so bleak,
I despise your feet that never miss.

For I am made of concrete,
I'm the curb outside your home.
I'm the path you abuse with your careless feet,
Pray you'll listen and let me roam.

The End

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