Little Star

A poam about a loved one going away to soon


To the little star that went too soon

The world just lost a light in the heavens

Her pretty face to be gone

Let her soul rest in peace

God better know what he has just gained

Her voice will never be heard again

Her footsteps no more

The world just lost a star

To deaths unforgiving doors

Pray that she will find peace where she goes

I hope that we can meet again

A child with no understanding of the world

Her pretty face gone

Her voice never heard again

Let’s hope that where she goes she is better than her life here

She went too soon from the world

She’ll be missed dearly

The clouds of black at the last of her life,

Before she starts a new.


Find peace in heaven for we still meet again


For my little cousin who didn't make it too her first birthday.

The End

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