Just Get Away

You don’t seem to get the picture, do ya?

I’m trying to avoid you,

But you just keep coming after me,

Trying to preserve your dream of us being together,

Why don’t you stop that?

It’s not going to come true,

‘Cause I don’t love you.


Just get away,

Get away from me,

There is no going back,

I don’t love you anymore,

So flee,

Just forget about the relationship we had,

Just get away,

Away from me.


You think in your brain,

That you’ll get me back,

With stares and love letters,

With pieces of hope that I shattered once,

But I look at you,

I see nothing at all,

Not a spark or darkness,

But if you continue I will shatter your heart,

With my sword of annoyance.


Just stop,

Stop right now,

Look at me and all the girls of the world,

Surely is one other on your mind.


Just get away from me.

The End

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