Potato Chip

All started because of one line my friend made
"Don't eat the Potato Chip you Hungry Beast!"

Don't eat the potato chip you hungry beast!

It was not meant for you, share with me please!

I understand that it's the last one, but be mature.

You can buy another bag, eat something with more couture.

Give me the chip now! Or a half at least!

I know what your plotting, you evil hungry beast!

You plan on tricking me, then shoveling it in!

I promise one thing! You will never win!

What are you doing, why are you moving?

Don't try to run, or much pain you will be enduring!

Why are you by the toilet? You are being a toddler!

What did you do? You dropped it in the water!

I guess you can have the chip, you hungry beast.

I'll give it to you, it's something at least.

I have to go, ipod's to listen to, CD's to rip...

Wait, what's that? I found another potato chip!

The End

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