Pot of gold

You can follow your dreams....but sometimes they're just nothing more....than just dreams.....

No sooner did her eyes travel to the sky,

Than she knew she would have to comply,

With what her heart suggested,

Her caliber needed to be tested,

For in that sky washed with rain,

Stood a rainbow bright as light,

Nothing could constrain,

Its promises contrite,

The mirage of color drew her deeper,

To entangle her in a web of lies,

And her soul suffered a distemper,

That took an innocent guise,

Her body was gripped by the desire,

To journey towards an unknown,

She would find the treasure,

That would make the others with envy moan,

With febrile limbs she began her quest,

Braving the storm  and the darkness,

Her chief aim was to attest,

Her courage and perseverance,

Her life she spent,

In pursuit of less than a fragment of a dream,

And after much hectic movement,

Finally with pride she did gleam,

The end of the rainbow stood in near sight,

But what she saw made her fall to her knees,

And cry in the dust,

Made her sob hard and wheeze,

Her efforts futile, she could only watch and know,

As the bitter truth did unfold,

At the end of that rainbow,

There was no promised pot of gold.

The End

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