I felt rather educated this day.
So i wanted to let some things out.

There is a storm out at sea,

the type of storm to strike my lightened palm and bring enlightenment to me.

Its ridiculous, how im filed as a misfit without witness because the fitness of my mind was unmatched to begin with.

Im relentless. I let out bombs from my diaphram to show you who i am.

And to let you know a boy wont ever grow into a man unless he understands that,

If someone extends a helping hand dont send the hand back.

Whether they are asian, white, hispanic, or black believe friend if they ask to help then its best you chance that.

 But let not your greed consume your mind.

Stay strict upon your grind and make good use of your time.

Less god take it away from you, and you begin to say to folks to pray for you because it'll seem that god has not the time of day for you.

Parents paved a way for you but you'd just, waste time and let dust lay over your and hoarder you from the better corners of life?

The possibilities of having a house, 2 children, and a wife?

To give your kids a better life, a nighlight and a kite so that alteast when they mature they'd say my childhood was right?

But no, waste you greater sight and blessed life and you'd soon realize that death would come and haunt you every single night.

Now aint that right?!?

Because you could die any minute from, nature, war, or a blight so fight the wicked plight of life so that you shine long and bright!

Or atleast for a little while?

ANd when you ARENT happy, just bear a clear smile so that you appear 'WOW!'

And even though the elongated hole in your mind that you must deal with seems like a feared mile...

Just stay clear minded and steer wild, and clear faces of meer frowns and turn that feared mile into a highway route.

And reach your greater opportunities,

Greater Annuities, 

and LIVE.

The End

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