Possessed By A Dream

This is an anthology of poetry, whether it be mine or anybody else who would like to contribute. Many of my poems relate to dreams, others to love, loss, anger, etc... So, some of my poems may relate to dreams, but others may not. Any questions, comments, recommendations, you know where to reach me :D


I belonged to it


I am possessed by it,

Commanding all five senses.

It staunches the verbal upchuck,

Leaving me speechless and mollified.

One step in either direction,

Can bring pleasure or pain.

Can we stay,

Rooted here for eternity?


Change is like an exorcist,

Changing how it possesses me.

I am able to speak again,

The shock value has subsided.

I took a step… then a leap,

And I was fine… too fine.

I was fine without you,

Then you were gone.

Why can’t we stay,

Rooted here for eternity?


I am possessed,

But only by my own loneliness.

The verbal upchuck spews,

On these bare walls surrounding me.

I jump around,

In this empty space.

I need you,

Like I never have before.

Why didn’t we stay,

Rooted here for eternity?


The End

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