I begin in a trance
Captivated by fear.
If only my thoughts could stretch their fingers,
Stretch them to brush yours.
If only.

But all I am is a mess of emotions,
Crying and unable to let a word slip.

We are the opposite ends of the spectrum now my dear.
Place an assumption or two upon these dreams,
Throwing ourselves apart.

I'm watching you fall away now.

Let's cut to the centre.

This won't hurt a bit.

I'm just scared of dying,
That's all I am to you.
I'll never let myself follow up with that line.
I'm just scared of dying,
And now, I'm just scared of you.

It's always difficult to believe for a broken world
Carrying the weight of two souls on my shoulders

Breaking my back just digging your grave, 
Tears shower the ground;
If only I could have made this grave in my head

I'm still in the state of half waking
Pouring everything I have into just moving
Closing my eyes, to wake to another night
Another night you'll be alone

The worst moments come with perfect clarity.
All your trust,
Locked in a box of hate. 

The End

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