Positive Thinking

I hope it encourages you!

Our life is full of mysteries,

but I don't have any worries.

Who knows what lies ahead,

but I don't care till I go to bed.

"What if I didn't get good marks?",

This is what a student usually barks.

It's alright if you didn't perform good,

you'll do better next time, just don't ignore your food.

We can never enjoy,

If we think about a broken toy.

Life is the most beautiful treasure,

live it even if you don't have leisure.

Stop hating people who hate you,

Giving them " the lesson", I'm sure God will do.

Life is amiable, everyone should think,

By worrying, don't spread the black ink.

Problems are a creation of thee,

Life is boring if it is problem-free.

Remember this that God is always with you,

and also, that the sky isn't always blue.

The End

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