Who is she?

I heard movement outside of my curtain that surounded my bed

Sounded like a girl

I hear glass shatter

as soon as the aid leaves the room

I try to stand

And I try




and this time

i dont get dizzy


i take a few painful steps

i feel like im about to faint

any moment

im scared

i pull aside the curtain slowly

my bruised flops

that the doctors call my arms

shake violently

no blue curtain surrounds her bed

i look over at the girl

her eyes now closed

then to the glass bowl full of food

and fall


i seem to fall forever

and i seem to dream forever

the dream is horrible

with the porcelain girls

i dont want to explain it

and i wake up finally

the girl is gone

i look around

my dad

is there holding my hand

crying hystarically

and look him in the eye


i say

he stops

i call for the doctor

ask him where the girl is

says she is in a different room now

i command to see her

we go

and i finally get a friend...

The End

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