Knock Knock

i try to open the door

i pull






knock knock

i open the unlocked door

my mum

she takes me on a check up to the hospital

i look down

down at the blubber filled girl

i need no blubber i shout

the doctor weighs me

once again

have they been taking care of you

he asks


i say queitly but confident

how much have you been eating

he asks

only as much as the porcelain girls tell me

the perfect amount

who are they? he wonders

no time for questions i say

how much do i weigh?

82 pounds

he says grimly

im afraid we have to take you under the knife again

i run for it

run fast

run hard

and fall

fall hard

fall to the laminated floor


my head hurts

i wake up

but i dont want to

because when i was asleep

asleep peacefully

the girls were there

they looked funny

something out of place

we skipped, laughed, had fun

your doing great they say

we giggled with excitment

i tell them 2 pounds left

they squeal with happiness

but then

but then their cheeks cave in

dark circles under their eyes

hair gone

ribs showing

they cant walk

they run





they lie in hospital beds

and slowly die

one by one

the doctors try

try hard

but cant

new porcelain girls come

prettier than before

we make friends

they teach me the new

new ways to not eat and survive

im scared

but i dont show it

im stronger than that

i follow their rules

and wake up

new confidence

new body

what happened i scream

im FAT



maybe thats why new girls came.

The End

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