porcelain girls

My original game plan was to have multiple poems on anorexia, but we had a sudden plot twist, and it now appears we have adopted a character. Develop our fragile character and make her feel loved, she is in a frightening state of mind and needs someone to write about her. Does she meet other mental patients? Does she make a daring escape involving spoons and dirt? Is she really just in a coma?
well i don't know, you figure it out! :)

i was playing hide and go seek one day

looking for the truth

when i found a lie

the porcelain girls lead me down a path paved with gold

but who's foundation was sealed with death

they showed me a world where the words fat skinny ugly pretty and sick healthy didn't exist

they congratulated me when i ceased to eat

and give me tips when i had no willpower

they showed me websites where the other porcelain girls lived

chanting rhymes of weight

the girls taught to weave lies like the web of a spider

how much food to buy

how much i need to eat to stay alive

but they didn't tell me i would lose my friends

my eye lashes

my hair

my family

my will to live

my love of theatre

my interest in photography

my job

my life

my everything

they didn't tell me i might die

so i continued down the path

skipping happily ahead of them

until i blacked out

i woke up in  a hospital

my happy game over

and my weight rising

i yelled at them, i pleaded with them, i begged them

didn't they realize what they were doing?

they were pumping fat into an already blubber filled girl

my doctor told me i was not blubber filled

he said i was filled with nothing

he said i only weighed 93 pounds when they found me

my mum began crying as my lips widened and a grin appeared

i was almost perfect!

finally they let me out of the white-walled hospital

only to shove into a white-walled crazy house

they said it wasn't a "crazy house" that it was just i treatment program,

but i knew better

in the crazy house there were so many rules....

The End

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